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8000 kms through Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa on a jeep with rooftop tents
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Here a bit from the Botswana trip report that contains a lot of travel information about destinations, weather, etc... and some silly anecdotes about our journey too.
"The campsite was [...] just an area of the jungle, near the river [...] We saw monkeys and elephants, we could hear hippos and we didn’t exclude the presence of lions. There were no buildings, no fences, nothing. Just us and the trees and the animals."

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe - Some of the most amazing waterfalls in the world, the Victoria Falls are at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, just few kms off the border with Botswana.


Why go? Freedom, adventure, unforgettable views, fascinating wildlife.... During a trip to Botswana you'll meet kind and helpful people. Botswana is a safe country, while in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia some precautions are necessary.
When to go? For a Botswana travel itinerary, August and September are the best months: dry weather and mild climate.
How? A private vehicle, possibly a 4x4 with rooftop tents, is ideal for the incredible freedom that it offers. The more expensive, more comfortable and less exciting alternative is travelling within an organized trip, which will turn out a more relaxing but also touristy holiday.
How much? Daily life is cheap, but the trip may get expensive... we spent 1000 euros for flight and travel insurance and almost as much (each) for the jeep rental for 15 days (the 4x4 was also our home for most of the travel itinerary).
To have an idea of the prices of the hotels along our itinerary in Botswana click here to find the best offers for accomodation.

Where? Zimbabwe and Zambia share the beautiful Victoria Falls, while any Botswana travel itinerary must feature the wild Chobe National Park… and much more.
Where else? We haven’t visited the Okavango Delta, in Botswana, because of logistical difficulties (an organized tour is necessary here and we like independent travel): it must be a beautiful place. Needless to say, in Zimbabwe, Zambia and especially South Africa there are many other amazing destinations worth several journeys. Try to have a longer itinerary here!

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