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Itineraries and suggestions for wonderful boat trips
Travel itineraries, hiking, kayaking and sailing in Italy and around the world

To see the world from a different point of view and also to feel free and to forget the daily routine, there's nothing better than a sailing holiday in Wild Trips syle. That means on a boat - not a ship - where you'll feel in touch with the surrounding nature and you'll have fun in a good company while following the wind, the sea, the sun and your wishes in matter of landscapes, bays, beaches, islands and islets.
If you are chartering with a skipper taking care of the boat, your holiday will be entirely dedicated to fun, relax and contemplation... Of course you should enjoy, being part of the crew, the opportunity to steer the helm, to tack and jibe, to decide where to moor... every detail of the life on a sailing boat is exciting, if lived with the appropriate sense of adventure and friendship.
Similarly to the trips around the world described in thsi website, it's not so difficult to organize an unforgettable sailing trip. Write us here for more information: and click here for sailing itineraries and tour prices.
One of the favourite aspects of a sailing holiday is the freedom you feel. Of course, you should still have an idea of your travel itinerary before leaving, so here are some suggestions:

Weekend / Long Weekend in the Ligurian sea: can 2, 3 or 4 days on a sailing boat make you feel like you are in another world, forgetting about everything else? Yes, and we can prove that! Portofino, Sestri Levante, Cinque Terre or even Capraia, in the Tuscany Archipelago, are the background of amazing, entertaining sailing holidays. You can find here a funny travelogue of a weekend at Capraia.

One week in Sicily: natural and gastronomic masterpieces are the background of relaxing swims in crystal clear waters... San Vito Lo Capo, the Zingaro, Castellammare and the Aegadian Islands, where it's easy to find the perfect conditions for sailing. Unmissable.
Here you can find some photos taken during some sailing holidays in Sicily.

Tuscany and Elba Island: in one week you can follow different fascinating itineraries that include both historic towns and unspoilt nature. For example, Punta Ala, Talamone and Castiglione della Pescaia and then the islands, starting from Elba to Giglio (Lily) and Capraia, all ideal places for a sailing boat.

Cote d'Azur: write us if you want to spend some days in the most trendy locations in France, starting from the beautiful St. Tropez. A very smart idea is to participate to the Giraglia regattas with two hundred other sailing boats, a fascinating mix of top-level sailing and posh parties at St Tropez and Montecarlo.

The wild coasts of Corse: sailing and mooring in pristine bays. Rocky bays, sandy bays, lush bays: places that have in common natural beauty and crystal clear waters. From Cap Corse to Calvi and Ile Rousse up to Bonificio, one week on a sailing boat is sufficient to feel in paradise and forget about pollution, traffic, work and everything else.

The long run: from the North to the South of Italy, from Liguria to Sicily, from Genoa to Trapani, sailing along the coasts of Italy and visiting the Pontine Islands and the Aeolian Islands along the way (probably the two most amazing Italian archipelagos). This adventure requires more time and more organization, but it's worthy. Read here an enthusiastic and funny travelogue: a sailing itinerary across the seas of Italy.

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