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Please like Wild Trips FB page. The madmen who spent nights working at this website will be grateful! (And you'll get updates, new travel infos and photos)


Info, suggestions and recommended itineraries for your active holidays
Travel itineraries, hiking, kayaking and sailing in Italy and around the world

Have a wild trip!
If you are interested in kayaking or sailing holidays in Italy and in the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea write us here: or click here for kayaking and sailing itineraries and tour prices.
We can suggest different short or long trips. You will live a unique, amusing and inspiring experience.
You can check out these sailing holidays in Italy, sailing holidays in Tuscany and sailing holidays in Sicily with itineraries and trip reports for few (funny) examples.

Also, if you are in the Italian Riviera and you seriously need some wild experiences (wakeboarding, kayaking, hiking, sailing on a dinghy or a hobie-cat, etc) and/or some suggestions in the matter of active holidays and active life... well, write us too.
Some activities should be tried not only for fun (even if they are veeery exciting), but also because they allow experiencing freedom, nature, friendship in a very unique way.
They teach us to overcome mental blocks and daily habits and to live life to the fullest.
While one has fun and jokes around, it's nice to notice that life sometimes must be like this... a little bit wild.
Hence, well... some (or even many) wild trips are good for the soul, for the heart and for the body!

It's true that in some exotic countries wandering among picturesque villages, stunning landscapes, friendly people and typical restaurants is so enticing that you don’t need anything else. However, some activities can make a trip even more special and allow discovering a region from a very different point of view.
So, here are some examples, suggestions and photos.

Water sports (sailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, rafting, SUP, surfing, snorkelling, diving…) If you are having a beach holiday, you’ll find lots of opportunities for doing some activities. Each place has its own specialties, like Bali for surfing or Fuerteventura for windsurfing and kiting.

As highlighted above, in the Italian Riviera you will have a chance to try different kinds of sailing, wakeboarding/wakesurfing and kayaking if you contact us at Wild Trips.
For sailing-enthusiasts and wakeboarders also the lakes offer good conditions: flat water and thermical winds. And let’s not forget about the rivers, for rafting and kayaking (see our trip report about the descent of the Ardeche by kayak).

Chiaia di Luna, Ponza Hobie Tiger sailing in the Italian Riviera Kayak in the Italian Riviera, at Moneglia
Sports and activities on the sea: cruising on a sailing boat, kayaking, and sailing a catamaran
Kitesurfing at Stagnone near Marsala, Sicily Wakeboarding in the Italian Riviera Snorkeling at Capraia island
Sports and activities on (and under) the sea: kitesurfing, snorkeling and wakeboarding
Of all these activities, snorkelling, kayaking, rafting and sailing (with a skipper or an instructor) are more easily enjoyable also by a beginner. In a week, you can learn the basics of kiting, wakeboarding or surfing, and you’ll have your first good rides. Windsurfing could be slightly more difficult, it depends on your skills.
If you fancy sailing, a cruise is amazing, but it's important to pick the right one. A "not too big" boat can give more satisfaction as you will be really involved in all sailing activities. With a sailing journey you will be able to explore secluded bays and islands while experiencing how to rig the boat, steer the helm, tack, jibe and more.
If you want some adrenaline you should also try a dinghy or a small catamaran (e.g. a 470 or a Hobie Cat). These are maybe 5-metre long, but when it gets windy they don’t just float, they fly.

This is probably the activity that makes you feel closer to the nature. It’s always possible to set objectives in line with your physical strength, so trekking is really for everyone and everywhere. Moreover, it allows meeting people, chatting, taking photos and stopping for a picnic. It’s a quiet and safe sport, but, as usual, it becomes much funnier if you walk adventurously through unknown territory and if you do something really unconventional like, for example, watching the sunset from a random Moroccan mountain and then having to find your way back with a flashlight. Two more nice examples in the photos: a rocky path in the Alps and the view from a coastal track in the island of Panarea, Sicily, where you can enjoy a nice walk in the countryside before diving in the most amazing waters.
Trekking in the Dolomites
Trekking in the Dolomites
Trekking in Panarea, Eolie islands
Trekking in Panarea, Eolie islands
Skiing and snowboarding
Of all the activities listed in this website, snowboarding and especially skiing are arguably the ones that require more technical and physical skills. Well, with a good technique you can do well even if your physical training is mainly based on eating a lot of “polenta” and sausages. But if you are no good and you are in bad shape, you will have tough times while learning how to ski. It won’t be quick. Especially if you snowboard with a kite, like in the photo below.
An average athletic person can learn enough in a week. For an experienced skier/snowboarder, sliding down the slopes is really inspiring, and free-riding in the fresh snow is the best way to enjoy the mountains. In this case, a good guide will help you discover beautiful itineraries while avoiding avalanches and other dangers.
Ski and snow: freeride in the Italian Alps
Freeride skiing in the Italian Alps
Ski and snow: snowboarding with a kite in the Italian Alps
Snowboarding with a kite in the Italian Alps
You can climb rocks, mountains, ice waterfalls or artificial walls. In all these situations, free climbing is a funny, adrenaline-raising activity. Is it dangerous? Well, climbing mountains is not for the faint-hearted and ice is not something you can be 100% sure it will hold. There’s some risk, you know.
But there are safety measures and rock climbing on well-equipped 20-metre high cliffs is amazing and probably safer than many activities people consider safe (like crossing the road in a busy town centre).
So, don’t be shy and rock-climb… Of course, you have to know how to do it and, if you want to learn and don’t know any experienced climber, you need a guide.
With a bit of experience and the right equipment you can also enjoy stunning views thanks to "via ferrata", like the one in the photo below, in the West Italian Alps.
Via Ferrata in the Italian Alps
Via Ferrata in the Italian Alps
Ice climbing in the Italian Alps Free climber's shadow
Rock climbing and ice climbing are fascinating (and extreme) activities that can be experienced in the Italian Alps
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