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Please like Wild Trips FB page. The madmen who spent nights working at this website will be grateful! (And you'll get updates, new travel infos and photos)


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Here a bit from the Iceland trip report that contains a lot of travel information about destinations, weather, etc... and some silly anecdotes about our journey too.
"We started our descent in the Viti volcano on a steep path. Walking among smoking springs [...] we arrived on the small-lake shore. The water temperature was just above 20 degrees, so we did as the Icelanders do, we got naked and we dove into the volcanic lake. It was the most surreal swim of my life."
"We walked a stunning 17-km path that passed through green, yellow, red, blue mountains. It was a rainbow on earth."


Jokulsarlon, Iceland


Why? Well, if you love natural wonders, the ones that surprise and amaze and leave you gasping and astonished, with unique landscapes that you’ll remember forever and ever, then Iceland is the right country for you. You should have already booked a flight, actually.
When to go? Iceland is on the edge of the Arctic Polar Circle, so you’d better go in the summer to enjoy the landscapes and (at least) 20 hours of daylight. In the other seasons you will find aurora borealis, white snow and bloody cold...
How? You could use public transport and then take part to the group trips organized in each town, but the best way to follow the itinerary all around the island by rental car. It will allow you to stop at some of the thousands of beautiful viewpoints. I suggest to do also some trekking, otherwise your butt will become carseat-shaped.

How much? A flight from Europe to Iceland may cost 400 euros or even less: it depends on the day of the week. Once arrived, you will find that Iceland is an expensive country, from car hire to food. The cheapest option is to sleep in the hostels, where you can also cook your own dinner.
To have an idea of the prices of the hotels in Iceland click here to find the best offers for accomodation.
Where? A very straight-forward travel itinerary: simply follow the circular road that runs along Iceland coasts.
Where else? The north-western peninsula is full of impressive fjords.
If you love big fish, take a whale-watching trip from Husavik (ok, whales are no fish, but they are very big).

Iceland travel itinerary map
Map of the travel itinerary in Iceland with stops in the most interesting places
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