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Noli and Bergeggi by kayak

The Italian Riviera, long beaches and imposing cliffs
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Bergeggi, Varigotti, Noli and Finale Ligure are beautiful destinations for a sea holiday, but they become amazing when visited by kayak. In the western Italian Riviera, this stretch of coast offers many long beaches, but also rocky cliffs.
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A tip on: to visit this stretch of Ligurian coast, besides the common kayaks, you could also use an inflatable canoe as you can deflate it at the end of your trip and get back by bus to the starting point.
Please notice that the distances on the map below are in a straight line, while it is normal (indeed, very recommended) to follow by kayak all the twists of the Ligurian coast with its bays and its rocks.

Kayak in Noli and Bergeggi, Liguria
Kayaking the western Italian Riviera: from Finale Ligure to Bergeggi touching Varigotti and Capo Noli; map and distances

Kayak at Finale Ligure Finale Ligure is a beautiful town, full of beaches, famous around the world for its climbing walls, with a historic center that is really an artistic jewel (with the serious downside that its alleys cannot be crossed by kayak). Finale is therefore a good starting point for this kayaking trip. We began our kayaking itinerary from the harbour to the east of the city.

We arrived rather quickly in Varigotti, a nice town, very touristy, with long beaches. To the east the first cliffs rise up.
Kayaking in Varigotti
The seaside town of Varigotti boasts long beaches
Kayaking in Varigotti
From the kayak you can admire also steep, lush hills
After surpassing some wild cliffs, there are a couple of beautiful, long beaches, very crowded on summer weekends. Here rises the imposing rocky promontory of Capo Noli, a truly unique view in the middle of the lively and over-built western Italian Riviera. Its straight walls plunge into the sea: it is therefore a paradise for those who love climbing freely - as you always fall into the water - and to dive.

Paddling under the cliffs is a great satisfaction for the kayaker, and this is also an excellent place for swimming. During our kayak trip, we met a guy intent to undertake a long slack line (a kind of tightrope walk: this time it was at least 150 meters long, suspended 25 meters above the sea; the acrobat was insured by carabiners, of course, and thank goodness, because he kept falling down! It was a very difficult stunt he was trying).
Kayak at Capo Noli Kayak at Capo Noli Kayak at Capo Noli
Kayaking under the cliffs of Capo Noli is an amazing experience. You might even find some crazy dude on a slack-line (the small red point hanging in the air on the left, in the central area of the photo)
Kayak at Capo Noli Kayak at Capo Noli Kayak at Capo Noli
Swimming, climbing, diving, swimming, climbing, diving: at Capo Noli you might spend exhilarating hours this way (good climbers might be able to climb horizontally the whole cape!)
After Capo Noli there is the beautiful town of Noli, which unfortunately is followed by Spotorno, whose long beaches do not compensate, at least for the demanding kayakist, the architectural monstrosities built over the sea, the ugliest apartment blocks you might imagine.

After this flat and over-built stretch of coast, you arrive at the beautiful islet of Bergeggi. Even more interesting is the coast of Bergeggi, where between the cliffs there a couple of nice beaches. By kayak you can tuck into some beautiful caves, including a truly majestic one, which can be explored on foot. It's like being in an Indiana Jones movie.
Bergeggi by kayak, cave
This huge cave, that can only be reached by swimming or kayaking, is a crack in the cliffs of Bergeggi
Bergeggi by kayak, sea-cave
By exploring the cave on foot, you find a dark chamber full of water: if you dive, you can notice an underwater passage, full of fish, leading to the open sea: it's really fascinating!
At Bergeggi you can take one of the many buses that bring you back to Finale Ligure; in fact, if you keep forward you find the unattractive industries of Vado Ligure, so continuing by kayak makes little sense. Moreover, these 12 kms already offer plenty of emotions. For an epicurean conclusion of the trip, you can have a cold beer and some fried squids in one of the panoramic restaurants on the beach of Bergeggi.
It is also a very good idea to spend more days in the area, so you could click here to find the best offers for accomodation.
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