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5000 km through California and the National Parks: a lot of freedom and even more attractions
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Here a bit from the United States trip report that contains a lot of travel information about destinations, weather, etc... and some silly anecdotes about our journey too.
"After an American breakfast with eggs and bacon, we ventured again in the American nature. Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands… they are all extraordinary places, with an amazing variety of landscapes (although the rocky canyons are the main highlight, as you can guess from the names). It was a photography enthusiast’s paradise."
"As we drove through Los Angeles Downtown (the city financial center, full of skyscrapers and offices, lively by day and deserted by night) we came upon a scene of guerrilla. We saw overturned cars, flames and gunfires. It looked pretty interesting."


Yosemite, one of the great National Parks of the United States, in California


Why? Maybe it’s because Hollywood movies brain-washed the world, but U.S. travel destinations are not just faboulous, they have a “mythical” aura too. So, you will enjoy amazing views while experiencing a way of life that is in everybody’s mind: for example, you will drive on infinite roads, listen to contry music in a pub, eat fat-dripping hot dogs and watch smoking sewer covers.
A travel itinerary in the South-West of the United States (California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona) offers everything you might want from a car trip: freedom, spectacular scenery, endless beaches full of “Baywatch” lifeguards and volleyball courts, vibrant and fascinating cities. It's a comfortable and fairly cheap trip.
When? If you don’t mind sweating under the sun, summer is the best time. September could be the ideal month if you don't fancy hot weather.
How? Rental car! U.S. travellers should always be “On The Road”.

How much? A return flight from Europe to the east coast (eg New York or Boston) costs 500 euros or more. For the west coast, the right offer can allow you to spend 800 euros. Car hire and petrol are pretty cheap. In the motels, conveniently located along the streets, a room for 4 persons might be 40 € (more in the cities). Fast-food restaurants and pubs offer from OK to good food for a few dollars.
To have an idea of the prices of the hotels in United_States click here to find the best offers for accomodation.
Where? A long and diverse travel itinerary may include the beautiful cities of San Francisco and San Diego; the megalopolis of Los Angeles, with its VIP areas and beaches; the great national parks: Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Death Valley; he coasts of California.
Other destinations? There are other magnificent national parks: Yellowstone could be the first of many. There are interesting cities scattered across the country, from New Orleans to Miami to New York. There are the Niagara Falls and the Great Lakes before border-crossing to Canada. In short, there are lots of good reasons to go!

California travel itinerary map
Map of the travel itinerary in the United States, focusing on California and the National Parks
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