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From Martinique to the Grenadines, beaches, jungle, turtles and quaint villages
Travel itineraries, hiking, kayaking and sailing in Italy and around the world

Among the Caribbean islands, the Windward Islands are arguably the most wonderful and picturesque. A travel itinerary here offers white beaches, palms, coral reefs, but also quaint villages and, on the biggest islands (Dominica, Martinique, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent), lush mountains and active volcanoes. Well, the same can be said about the beautiful Guadeloupe and Antigua (part of the Leeward islands). The Grenadines are an archipelago that is a heaven for sailors, and for those who love snorkeling and the sea in general.
A sailing boat is the ideal way of visiting this part of the Caribbean, but it's not the only one. In this page and in the pages dedicated to the islands we'll focus both on the sailing holidays and on more traditional travel itineraries (hotels, car rentals, public transport and organized trips).
It's important to consider that a holiday in a sailing boat is not necessarily the most expensive option... it might be one of the cheapest. So, if the idea of living on a boat, getting around pushed by the trade winds and mooring in heavenly bays doesn't sound too bad, I recommend to seriously consider the option of sailing the Caribbean Sea and especially the Grenadines.


Click on the photos below to access photogalleries, info and trip reports about Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, with a specific page dedicated to the amazing Tobago Cays.
Moreover, you'll find two pages dedicated specifically to sailing in the Caribbean and to kayaking along the coasts of these islands.
Antigua, Caraibi Antigua
Hundreds of white beaches and long coral reefs for a sea holiday with amazing Caribbean landscapes.

Guadeloupe, Caribbean Guadeloupe
This picturesque archipelago, with white Caribbean beaches and a 1500-metre high volcano, is varied and beautiful... a place where it is impossibile to get bored.

Dominica, Caribbean Dominica
Arguably the wildest caribbean island, a paradise for hiking along the coasts, in its lush forests and among volcanic marvels.

Martinique, Caribbean Martinique
A bit of France in the Caribbean. White and black beaches, green hills and an impressive volcano. Baguettes, but also creole food. An easy approach to travel itineraries in the Caribbean, an ideal starting point to go sailing towards the other islands.

Saint Lucia, Caribbean Saint Lucia The island of Saint Lucia boasts white beaches with lush mountains as a background. Among the mountains, waterfalls and natural spas. Just under the Pitons there are some spectacular moorings for sailors.

Saint Vincent, Caribbean Saint Vincent For a travel itinerary in the Caribbean that hasn't changed, Saint Vincent is the perfect place. The coasts are wild, the interior is even wilder.

Grenadines, Caribbean Grenadines This archipelago is the greatest advertisement for Caribbean trips. Heavenly beaches, small bars on the sea with typical music, coral reefs, a dream come true for sailors.

Tobago Cays, Caribbean Tobago Cays These little islets are not inhabited and boast the best sea of the Grenadines. Among the corals you can easily see colourful fish, turtles and (not dangerous) sharks. A small paradise for sailing, kitesurfing, snorkeling and kayaking.

Sailing boat, Caribbean Sailing in the Caribbean The ideal means of transport in the Caribbean is a sailing boat, even better a catamaran. Thanks to the regular trade winds you get fast crossings between the islands and safe moorings.

The Caribbean by kayak The Caribbean by kayak A kayaking travel itinerary allows exploring the coasts more deeply than a sailing boat. And waht's better than paddling along the reef, swimimng and snorkeling here and there? An original but wonderful way of travelling: the photos speak for themselvels.


Why go? Beaches and sea, of course! But also the interior of the bigger islands is amazing. In the evening, after a fresh fish dinner, you can find a cozy bar with typical music.
Caribbean travel itinerary map When to go? The dry season, which concides with high season, goes from December to April, but any month can be good as rain and downpours don't last much in the Caribbean. Temperature is alwyas perfect. In some months, from August to November in particular, hurricanes are a danger.
How? A sailing boat! Renting it as a group or joining a skipper. Sailing in the Caribbean is not the only option, of course. On the biggest islands it is useful to rent a car in order to visit the beaches and the interior. Among the islands you can travel by ferry or by plane. In order to get to the smallest islands like Tobago Cays you could join an irganized trip.
How much? Unlike most other countries in Latin America, the Caribbean islands are not cheap. To go out for dinner or to go shopping may be as expensive as in Europe or the US and even the tropical fruit is expensive.
Renting a sailing boat is expensive too but, considering that you can eat aboard and avoid the organize tours, in the end it may be a great solution also cost-wise. Moorings are inexpensive.
The flights are not expensive if you can travel in the low season and book in advance. Try different islands for the cheapest prices.
To have an idea of the prices of the hotels in Martinique click here to find the best offers for accomodation.
Where? Here we focus on the Windward Islands: Dominica, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and some of the Leeward: Guadeloupe and Antigua. They are the most wild and scenic places in the Caribbean, and they are also an ideal sailing destination (unless you look for the glamour of the more touristy Virgin Islands).
Other destinations? There's a lot more to see, of course. The Grenadines up to Grenada all deserve a visit. To the north and west of Antigua there are the Leeward Islands and they all deserve a visit. And then there are the big islands of the Caribbean, like Cuba and Jamaica, which are a world apart and need a trip just for themselves.

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All photos from the wonderful Tobago Cays

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Photos Caribbean
All photos of the Caribbeans: Martinica, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

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