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A wild island with beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea... and the Pitons
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Travel itinerary
Saint Lucia is part of the Windward Islands, arguably the wildest and most scenic Caribbean islands. The natural landscapes are lush and unspoiled, but there are also expensive resorts and tourism is very important for Saint Lucia.
For the independent traveler a rental car is a good solution to explore different beaches and the interior. We visited Saint Lucia by sailing boat arriving from Martinique.
(For the map and general info about the trip, click here: holidays in the Caribbean).

Pitons, Saint Lucia, Caribbean
Beach just under the Pitons, west coast of Saint Lucia
Soufrière and the Pitons
Soufrière is a fundamental small town for any travel itinerary in Saint Lucia. It's a picturesque fishing village near the Pitons, the two twin mountains that rise from the sea in the central part of Saint Lucia west coast. Their view is pretty impressive.
From Soufrière you can arrange trips not only to the Pitons but also to the interior of the island where you can admire natural spas and waterfalls in the middle of the jungle.

Soufrière, Saint Lucia, Caribbean
Soufrière, one of the most picturesque villages of Saint Lucia
To the feet of the Pitons the sea is usually crystal clear and conditions for sknorkeling and diving are great.
We moored twice in this are, both "under" the "small" Piton and at Chantemerle (a little bit on the north). Also at Chantemerle the snorkeling is excellent (among the corals I spotted also a turtle) and if you go by kayak to Soufrière you can see an amazing stretch of coast with cliffs and beautiful sea. Among the cliffs there is also a tiny cave full of thousands of bats.

Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia, Caribbean
Marigot Bay, an elegant bay and excellent mooring in the west coast of Saint Lucia
Other destinations
To the north of Soufrière there are several beaches with palms and green mountains in the background. Marigot Bay is a landlocked bay (and a hurrican hole where you can escape the hurricans) that is very well kept, with some touristic buildings from where you can go visiting the beaches nearby.
Rodney Bay is less attractive, in the northern part of Saint Lucia. In this bay there are some beaches, a rich resort, a marina and, in the middle, a small town of little wooden houses full of bars that play lous music. We got there at sunset time and it looked like the typical place where you may be robbed, but it wal also a nice and quaint place.

Resort in Saint Lucia, Caribbean
Resort in Saint Lucia, Caribbean

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