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Between the Dead Sea and the Read sea, deserts, canyons, ruins and the wonderful Petra
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Here below info and suggestions for the organization of an exciting trip to Jordan... Have a look!
Where to go? First of all, you must definetely visit Petra; then you'll see picturesque towns and the impressive nature of the south of Jordan. By clicking on the three pages below, you can see photos and read detailed travel info.
Petra, Jordan Petra
The huge historic site of Petra, situated among red canyons and mountains, is superb, fascinating and the true main reason to visit Jordan.

Jerash, Jordan Amman, Jerash, Madaba The capital of Jordan is a bustling city that offers interesting monuments, markets and restaurants. Madaba is quieter and nice, Jerash boasts impressive roman ruins.

Wadi Rum, Jordan Wadi Rum, Dana and the Seas
From the salt of the Dead Sea to the corals of the Red Sea, passing by canyons, rocky mountains and sandy deserts.

Why go? Well, the destinations listed above are a very good reason.
Then, there are the history, the culture and the food. Always check the latest news, but Jordan is a safe country to visit and the population is nice and friendly.
When to go? If you don't love hot climates, try to avoid the summer months! Spring is the best time, while winter may be too cold. Anyway, depending on the travel itinerary and on your flexibility, Jordan may be enjoyable all year long.
How? Many people travel with organized tours and chatty guides, other rent a car. Jordan is a small country and distances are short, but it lacks of public transports.
How much? Flights go into Amman from many European cities and a return ticket may cost 200-300 euros or more (usually more). Jordan isn't as cheap as in the nearby Egypt or in other Arab countries. The entrance to Petra, for example, costs almost 60 euros. If you eat kebab or street food you may spend 1 euro for lunch; cheap hotels are cheap indeed, but for a better idea of the prices of the hotels in Jordan click here and find the best offers. .

Other destinations? The main destinations in Jordan can be visited in a relative short time; then, you may go to Egypt (Sinai) or Israel... after having checked the geopolitycal situation.

Map of the travel itinerary in Jordan
Map of the travel itinerary in Jordan, visiting Amman, Dead Sea and Petra up to Aqaba, on the Red Sea
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Foto Giordania
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