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Please like Wild Trips FB page. The madmen who spent nights working at this website will be grateful! (And you'll get updates, new travel infos and photos)


From Istanbul to loads of astonishing panoramas: exploring Cappadocia, Pamukkale and the Aegean Coast
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Here a bit from the Turkey trip report that contains a lot of travel information about destinations, weather, etc... and some silly anecdotes about our journey too.
"Floating in the air, 10 or 100 meters above the ground, is an experience recommended to anyone not fearing the altitude. We could admire the fairy chimneys, a poetic name for a truly poetic landscape."

Pamukkale, one of many natural wonders in Turkey. Greek and Roman ruins, hot springs and a staircase of white natural waterpools.


Why? There are unique monuments and unique landscapes, the sea is crystal clear and the weather is generally very good. The food is good too, which is symptom of a culture that deserves to be known and appreciated. Moreover, it's easy and safe to organize a trip and people are very friendly (just check the news and remember to stay away from the south-eastern borders, with Syria and Iraq in particular).
When? Preferably at the beginning or at the end of summer, but depending on travel itinerary and possible activities you want to do any season is good.
How? Public transports in Istanbul, where the traffic is terrible; the cheap internal flights to get to Cappadocia or to the south coast; a rental car to explore the interior and the coasts in freedom.
How much? Thanks to the rise of Turkish Airlines, flights to Istanbul are pretty cheap. Everything else is cheap too, even if prices are a little bit on the rise. There are, of course, expensive restaurants and hotels in the big cities, but if you do as turkish people do you will generally find very convenient solutions for eating and sleeping.
To have an idea of the prices of the hotels in Turkey click here to find the best offers for accomodation.

Where? Istanbul is a must-see city. Then, a rich and memorable travel itinerary can go from Cappadocia to the coast, from unique landscapes to relaxing beaches. Fethyie, on the Aegean Sea, is a nice seaside town.
Where else? The long Turkish coastline with its islands, the Greek ruins, the mountains, the villages and the canyons... there are several good reasons to make your Turkey travel itinerary last much longer, or to go back one day.

Turkey travel itinerary map
Map of the travel itinerary in Turkey, from Istanbul to Cappadocia and then the Aegean Sea
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