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Driving a 4x4 through deserts, canyons and pristine beaches, camping in the wilderness
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Here a bit from the Oman trip report that contains a lot of travel information about destinations, weather, etc... and some silly anecdotes about our journey too.
"By swimming through those natural pools we reached a narrow underground passage between the rocks. [...] we arrived into an underground lake. There was also a small underground waterfall. It was a spectacular view that gave us the feeling of being part of an incredible adventure. We felt a bit like Indiana Jones."
"One of the kind Omanis invited us to join them for a fishing and beach trip. [...] Among desert islands, rocks, red cliffs and wild nature, we decided to stop on a nice beach in a small island one km offshore. Our new friends created a BBQ in the sand and cooked the fish. It was the best pic-nic ever: fish and lobster, for free."


Al Sharqiya Sands desert, Oman
Al Sharqiya Sands desert, Oman - A huge desert in Oman and the perfect destination for dune bashing or for enjoying the sunset from the top of a dune


Why? Amazing landscapes and wonderful sea-shores are the first thing that comes to mind. Moreover, people are so friendly and kind that you will be surprised; the country is safe and quiet; the weather is perfect (in the right season).
When to go? It depends a little bit on your travel itinerary, but generally speaking you should go in autumn/winter, especially if you want to get away from some awfully cold weather. During Christmas holidays temperatures are from 18 to 27 degrees Celsius in a perfectly dry climate, and even on New Year's Eve there are few tourists and zero chaos unless you look for it. Summer might be too hot.
How? A private vehicle, preferably a 4x4, is perfect to travel in freedom. It's also cost-effective (fuel is 25 euro-cents per liter! And there are very good offers for car rental). Otherwise, you could stay at a resort and take organized trips: it's more expensive, more comfortable and less inspiring.
How much? Life in Oman is quite cheap, if you stay away from the resorts. Actually, if you camp into the wild the expenses almost go to zero. The flight from Italy was 580 euros (inclusive of health and travel insurance).
To have an idea of the prices of the hotels in Oman click here to find the best offers for accomodation.
Where? Any Oman travel itinerary should cross Muscat, the capital, a charming city on the seashore with magnificent beaches close by. There are impressive forts like the ones in Nizwa and Nakhl. But the natural landscapes amaze more than anything else: canyons and mountains in the Jebel Shams, the dunes of the huge Al Sharqiya Sands desert and the Wadis: Wadi Bani Khalid, Wadi Shab, Wadi Tiwi, They are canyons crossed by rivers rich of palms and natural pools.

Where else? Of course, along the travel itinerary described above there are many other deserving destinations. Another option is to travel by 4x4 to the deserted Masirah Island. The car trip through the desert is an amazing experience. If you find a beduin following your same desert track, you can travel together thus reducing the risk of getting stuck in the sand.
South Oman and Salalah surely deserve a trip, but they are 1000km away from Muscat - consider flying.
Musandan peninsula, more easily reachable from Dubai, boasts wonderful bays, canyons and beaches.

Oman travel itinerary map
Map of the travel itinerary in Oman, from Muscat to deserts, beaches and canyons
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