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Hiking from Chiavari to Sestri

The paths of Lavagna and Santa Giulia
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Chiavari, Lavagna and Sestri Levante are three very interesting towns that overlook the Gulf of Tigullio. Besides the historical centers and the seaside promenades, Chiavari and Sestri also present some beautiful paths, in particular the amazing itinerary from Chiavari to Montallegro and the shorter but spectacular hiking trail from Sestri to Punta Manara. Trekking from Chiavari to Sestri Levante along the itinerary via Lavagna and Santa Giulia is less memorable, but it offers some very beautiful views.

Sea promenade of Chiavari
Sea promenade of Chiavari
In Chiavari you can take a walk on the promenade and in the historic center (between the Caruggio and the Piazza della Fenice), before heading towards Lavagna. Here there is no path to follow, because Chiavari and Lavagna are contiguous, separated only by the Entella river. Walking through the city centers, once you have crossed the small but picturesque historic village of Lavagna, you arrive at the start of the trail to Sestri Levante.
Beach of Lavagna
Beach of Lavagna
The starting point coincides, in particular, with the intersection between via Tedisio and the tiny Via Monte, you can look up on Google Maps so you do not get lost :). Here you find directions to Santa Giulia and you start hiking up along creuze (the typical Ligurian lanes that run between fields and dry stone walls) and olive groves.
Creuza at Lavagna Creuza at Lavagna
Path - creuza in the local dialect - from Lavagna to Santa Giulia
The indications are always clear. You pass the hamlet of San Benedetto and continue to climb, along a path with picturesque sections, up to the church of Santa Giulia, 250 meters above sea level, which is a real panoramic balcony overlooking the Gulf of Tigullio. For the best view, you can climb from the alleys behind the church to this meadow.
Church of Santa Giulia, Lavagna
The Church of Santa Giulia, the marinas of Chiavari and Lavagna, Portofino in the background
The wide panorama also shows the rest of the Gulf of Tigullio and Sestri Levante.
Sestri Levante from Santa Giulia
Sestri Levante viewed from Santa Giulia

To reach Sestri from Santa Giulia you could also climb towards the hills, entering the woods up to Monte Capenardo, from which you then descend towards the sea. The itinerary suggested here is shorter (a total of two hours from Lavagna to Sestri) and perhaps more characteristic, because it passes among the olive trees, with continuous glimpses of the sea and Sestri Levante.
Path at Cavi di Lavagna
Path from Santa Giulia to Cavi di Lavagna, with Sestri Levante in the background
From the square of the Church of Santa Giulia, then, go down the stairs, cross the road and take the lane (marked) which proceeds eastward parallel to the road. It continues among villas, dry stone walls and olive groves, passing near the ruins of the Church of Santa Cecilia, that few know.
Chapel of Santa Cecilia at Cavi di Lavagna
Chapel of Santa Cecilia at Cavi di Lavagna
At a certain point, a staircase leads to Cavi di Lavagna. Continuing east, you cross the historic village and you are in front of the hill of Sant'Anna. A well-marked trail from here leads to Sestri Levante, and if in the first part it is nothing special, then becomes the most beautiful part of the whole hiking itinerary from Lavagna to Sestri.
Lavagna and Cavi viewed from Sant'Anna
Lavagna and Cavi viewed from the hill of Sant'Anna
At first the views are over Lavagna and the sea below the cliffs of Sant'Anna. Immediately thereafter you get to admire the peninsula of Sestri Levante.
Sestri Levante viewed from Sant'Anna
The cliffs of Sant'Anna and Sestri Levante
Depending on the seasons, from here you can admire the sea-storms, eat corbezzoli (delicious ripe red fruits in late autumn) or contemplate colorful flowers.
Sestri Levante viewed from Sant'Anna
Flowers on the top of Sant'Anna hill... and in front of Sestri Levante
After a few hundred meters, this beautiful walk on the cliff top of Sant'Anna arrives at the picturesque ruins of the chapel of Sant'Anna, in a panoramic position overlooking the sea. This historic church is truly spectacular.
Chapel of Sant'Anna
Chapel of Sant'Anna, close to Sestri Levante
From here, arriving at the beginning of Sestri takes a few minutes. You go down the path, you get to a road along the stream and here, if you want, take the steps that lead to an underpass and the beach of Sant'Anna. Another 10 minute walk along the sea promenade and you are on the peninsula of Sestri Levante, where there is the beautiful old town, while for those who want to return to Chiavari the train station is very close. Have a good trip!!

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