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From Deiva to Framura

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The trekking itinerary between Deiva Marina and Framura allows you to admire the natural beauty of the Ligurian coast, but also the characteristic villages of Costa, Setta and Anzo, generally overlooked by tourists and excursionists. The colors of Liguria, with the green of the woods, the blue of the sea and the sky, and then flowers, fields and typical houses, they surround this comfortable but beautiful path.

Path above Framura
A section of the path above Framura
The start of the path from Deiva Marina is located in the eastern part of the town, across the river, where you can see a big sign “Parco Vacanze Campeggio Framura”. You walk towards the camping and then, following the "Framura" sign, you take a path that goes up into the woods, among bushes and majestic trees, with frequent beautiful sea views. In autumn, there is full of "corbezzoli", delicious red fruits.
Path above Deiva
The path that climbs from Deiva Marina
The itinerary is steep at the beginning, but there are no complicated steps. The path is easy to follow up to the junction of Casa Serro, where different possibilities open up. Here we suggest you take the dirt road towards "Bonassola" and "Framura Setta / Costa Anzo Ravecca", which passes halfway up, immersed in vegetation but with continuous splendid views of the Ligurian Sea.
Path above Deiva
The dirt road from Casa Serro to Framura
At a certain point, there is a fork that leads to the viewpoint of Punta degli Apicchi, you can have a quick walk there to see the panorama. Then continue on the dirt road and you will come to a paved road. At this point, despite the inviting descent, my advice is to go up, because thanks to this small effort you can then complete the full itinerary, going to enjoy the most beautiful views of the trekking and to admire the magical hamlet of Costa di Framura.
The asphalted road ends early, at the Foce del Prato farmhouse, and the path continues in the woods, always well signposted, until arriving in sight of Costa.
Path to Costa di Framura
Coast of Framura seen from the path
The sea view also reappears here, allowing you to admire the other panoramic villages of Framura: Setta and, lower down, Anzo. Before going down, through a wonderful path / stairway, towards these villages, you can take a tour of the tiny Costa, admiring the medieval tower and the picturesque central alley.
Costa di Framura
The narrow street of Costa di Framura leading to the panoramic Medieval tower
As mentioned, from Costa a well marked staircase leads to the sea. Even if Costa is 300 meters above sea level, it goes down very quickly, passing between typical Ligurian houses and cultivated fields.
Costa di Framura
The stairway that leads from Costa to Setta, the main village in the municipality of Framura
Setta is surrounded by greenery and has a medieval tower, narrow alleys between the houses and always splendid views.
Setta di Framura
A corner of Setta, looking upwards and, in particular, towards Costa perched on the hill
Then you pass by the houses of Ravecca and join a paved path that cuts the hill along the coast. To the right, you go down to the beach of the Arena, while to the left you go to Anzo, which is worth admiring for the historic houses facing the path (it doesn't take much, the hamlet's tiny!). At this point, you can resume the descent towards the long beach of the Arena.
Beach Arena, Framura
The Arena beach
While the beach of the Arena is rocky, the smaller one of the Vallà (separated by some rocks, on which you can easily walk) is of sand and small pebbles, and therefore certainly more comfortable. Both beaches are connected with the Framura station through the new Via del Mare. This short but beautiful walk also allows you to admire the crystalline water that laps the rocks on the cliffs.
Walk to sea of ​​Framura
A section of the Framura sea promenade
In all, the path from Deiva Marina to Framura along this route can take about two and a half or three hours. From the Framura station, you can return by train to Deiva or continue with the panoramic trail to Bonassola, or with the fascinating path in the old railway tunnels that connect Framura, Bonassola and Levanto.
Paths from Deiva Marina to Framura
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