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Trekking the Italian Riviera

Moneglia, Deiva, Riva and the beautiful Ligurian Sea
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Between Cinque Terre and Sestri Levante, in the eastern part of Italian Riviera, there are some small villages on the sea and many very scenic paths. The itinerary that leads from Deiva Marina to Riva Trigoso passing through Moneglia is one of the most peaceful and pleasant. This trekking itinerary is definitely one of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of this part of Liguria (the other way is the kayak, with which we have visited rock by rock all the coast!)

Path at Moneglia
Along the path between Deiva and Moneglia
As for the other paths along the Ligurian coast, it is the train that allows to reach more easily all the different locations, thus making easy also to hike one-way. From the Deiva Marina station, you can start walking towards the small historical center of the village.
Following the indications for Moneglia take a concrete road that starts steep and then becomes a quieter path. Between villas and olive groves you can admire beautiful views ranging from Cape Moneglia to the rocky cape between Framura and Bonassola, with the Maritime Alps in the background on the clear winter days.
A great view along the hiking trail to Moneglia
A great view along the hiking trail from Deiva to Moneglia
Continuing along the comfortable path you arrive at the beautiful village of Lemeglio, perched on a hill behind Moneglia.
Lemeglio, little village along the path to Moneglia
View over Lemeglio and Moneglia as admired from the path that leads to Deiva Marina
From here you descend into the village of Moneglia: you do not need more than a couple of hours at a leisurely pace for this simple but suggestive trekking itinerary.
Lemeglio, little village along the path to Moneglia
Lemeglio, little village along the path to Moneglia
Moneglia is a small resort, very popular in the summer, but out of season you can have the beautiful beaches all for you. Even the center, behind the road, deserves a quick visit.
Hiking trail at Moneglia
The Ligurian Sea admire from a hiking trail near Moneglia
On the opposite side of the village (ie to the west, while you arrived from Deiva Marina from the east) you can take the path to Monte Moneglia, Punta Baffe and Riva Trigoso. Also in this case the itinerary starts with a steep climb and then flattens... but this time there will be more ups and downs, for a total of 3-4 hours of walking time to Riva Trigoso. Starting from Deiva, in short, this trekking becomes a beautiful full day excursion.
Path from Moneglia to Riva Trigoso
Path from Moneglia to Riva Trigoso
But it's worth it! Both for the views and for the vegetation: Mediterranean bush, maritime pines and, unfortunately, some fascinating logs burned by an old fire.

There are several paths that connect Moneglia and Riva Trigoso. To lengthen the trek and make it more exciting, you should follow the trails that lead towards the coast. This way, however, there are more ups and downs. The descent towards Vallegrande is particularly fascinating.
Vallegrande, between Moneglia and Riva Trigoso
Vallegrande, between Moneglia and Riva Trigoso
Alternatively, you can keep at the higher altitude, following the signs towards Monte Moneglia, then avoid reaching the top and continue towards Riva Trigoso.
In both cases, it is absolutely necessary to walk the short deviation (10 minutes) to Punta Baffe (Cape Baffe).
Trek between Moneglia and Punta Baffe
The Maritime Alps in the background, behind Punta Baffe as seen from the path to Moneglia
Here, in fact, there are the ruins of an old tower and there is a splendid views of the Ligurian Sea. The panorama ranges from Punta Mesco (the promontory to the west of the Cinque Terre) to Punta Manara (behind which rises Sestri Levante).
Panorama a Punta Baffe
View from Punta Baffe towards east, with Punta Mesco in the background
The comfortable descent towards Riva Trigoso requires an hour from Punta Baffe. It goes through a myriad of strawberry trees, whose red spheric fruits are ripe and tasty, in autumn (and have nothing to do with strawberries of course). The shipyards of Riva trigoso are sometimes seen in the background.
When you arrive at the main asphalt road, if you go left you get to the sea in five minutes; going to the right, instead, you reach just as quickly the railway station of Riva Trigoso.
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