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"The Bedouins prepared the camping gear and began cooking. There were white limestone formations, a lot of sand and many stars."
"We were able to climb the steps of the Red Pyramid of Snefru and then to enter into the heart of the pyramid through a narrow and steep staircase. We could not see anything, but we could imagine that it was the burial chamber. Above us a hundred meters of oppressive stones. The air was stale, 3000 years old."


Aqabat Mountains, White Desert, Egypt
Aqabat Mountains, White Desert, right in the middle of Egypt


Why go? In Egypt the natural landscapes are as stunning as the country's history. Moreover, the climate is ideal for those who want to escape rainy winters. Before leaving, it's better to get some info about the socio-political situation, in order to avoid dangers and annoyances.
When? Of course you must avoid the hottest months! From autumn to early spring it is the ideal time of the year. Even at Christmas it's likely to enjoy a temperature of 20-25 degrees.
Egypt travel itinerary map How? An internal flight from Cairo to Luxor, a car with a driver and a guide for the trips into the desert, taxis in the city centers. Renting a taxi for the whole day costs about twenty euros: if you can share a taxi this is most comfortable and economical solution.
How much? Agencies sometimes offer expensive tours, but in general there is no need to throw away money: taxis, restaurants, hotels, everything is very cheap in Egypt.
To have an idea of the prices of the hotels, click here to compare the best offers.
Where? This travel itinerary in Egypt includes Luxor (the city of temples), the desert, in particular the White Desert with his bizarre rock formations, and Cairo and the pyramids.
More destinations? There are several recommended destinations in addition to those already mentioned, starting from Sinai and the Red Sea (where you can enjoy many activities over and under the sea)... maybe it's a bit of a touristy travel itinerary, but you'll like it anyway.
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