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A wild island with wonderful sea and imposing mountains within easy reach
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Here an excerpt of the travel report in Corsica, where to find detailed information for the organization of a wild holiday.
"We spot, from the scenic road, some beautiful coves. In the background there is the Scandola nature reserve, with its red promontory. We park and, hesitant, we try to follow a steep path. 20 minutes later we are on the sea. That wonderful beach was waiting for us alone."
"The beauty of this island is that you can visit it many times discovering always new landscapes and experiencing new emotions [...] for those who love nature and activities in nature (trekking, canoeing, snorkeling, but also sailing, climbing and even ski mountaineering), Corse is truly the ideal island."


Corse panorama
Panorama of the finger of Corse


Why going? For the sea, of course, especially if you like wild coves; but also for the spectacular mountains: the interior of the island offers infinite possibilities for excursions. Corse is for you also if you love perched villages: from Corte to Nonza, there is something for everyone. If you want night life, on the other hand, you are visiting the wrong island.
When to go? In summer there is obviously the best climate both on the sea and in the mountains, but also other seasons can be excellent. Those who love trekking, for example, will find themselves better off along the paths at sea level in spring or September-October. In winter, skiing is also possible, and the island is extremely wild. The most touristic and chaotic period goes from mid-July to the 20th August; prices go up, but you can still find free rooms (if you are flexible enough) and isolated beaches (if you are walking or paddling).
How? Reaching Corse from Italy is really a breeze. From Livorno, ferries are generally quite cheap, especially if you have flexible dates and if you share the costs of the car to take with you. If you are passionate about, and own, a motorcycle or a motorohome... well, it's even better
To rent a car in Corse at the best prices for your travel itinerary I highly recommend this link.
How much? Even in the middle of August, by booking at the last second, I managed to find a ferry from Livorno to Bastia or Ile Rousse for 200 euros for two people plus car... In short, not too bad. In the off season you can save money, while if you are unlucky you could even spend twice as much. Dining outside, with fixed menus (usually excellent), costs 20 euros each (much more if you go à la carte or if you want fish). As in the rest of France (Corse people are proud of their difference, but in this aspect Corse and France are the same), wine and bottled water cost a lot: you can save money by ordering tap water. A double room in a hotel costs between 60 and 90 euros per night in high season; having a tent with you, to save money, can always be useful.
For an idea about hotel prices in Corse click here to find the best offers for accomodation. . I also recommend to book flights and hotels here, either separately or as a combined package:

Where to? Here we propose a travel itinerary in the north of Corse: Calvi, the calanques, Corte, the finger, Bastia.
Other destinations? In Corse there is much more: in the north, for example, the beaches of the Agriates desert; the south, starting from Bonifacio, the Lavezzi islands and the beaches of the south-east of Corse, is all to be discovered (though it's more touristy in high season). The interior deserves numerous excursions.

Map of the travel itinerary in Corse
Map of the travel itinerary in Corse

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