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From Campiglia to Persico and Tramonti

Wild beach and red cliffs between Cinque Terre and Portovenere
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The Tramonti cliffs, between Riomaggiore and Portovenere, are among the most spectacular natural wonders of Liguria: the path described on this page is the only one that allows you to admire them in all their splendor. It is a steep descent from Campiglia towards Persico beach, with a little-known detour to "Le Rosse" (the "red" rocks) which is really a pearl.

Le Rosse, the red cliffs of Tramonti near Portovenere
Le Rosse, the red cliffs of Tramonti (which means sunsets) near Portovenere
The departure from Campiglia, already described with regard to the path to Schiara, it's very scenic. In fact, Campiglia is a small village at 400 meters above sea level. The path to follow initially is the 528, a comfortable staircase that descends towards the sea and the beach of Persico, between green trees and bushes and cultivated fields.
Path from Campiglia to the beach of Persico
The path (practically a long stairway) from Campiglia to the beach of Persico
This path is also fascinating for the few characteristic houses and the occasional cableway that helps the work in cultivated terraces. In addition to sensational views, this itinerary also offers absolute peace.
A house between Campiglia and Persico beach
A house between Campiglia and Persico beach

To make the descent towards the Persico beach even better, at the end of winter and then in spring, there is also the flowering of plants. Anyway, as in most parts of the coast of Liguria, the vegetation is mostly evergreen and the colors are vivid all year round.
Panorama dal sentiero tra Campiglia e la spiaggia del Persico
I colori vivaci lungo il sentiero per il Persico; sullo sfondo, le case di Schiara e, in mare, lo scoglio Ferale
All the paths that go down to the sea between Riomaggiore and Portovenere have some steep and somewhat slippery parts. This route from Campiglia to Persico beach is perhaps the most comfortable, even if the closer you get to the sea the more the landscape becomes rocky, until the arrival on the stony and long beach.
Persico beach Persico beach
Persico beach
Once in this uncontaminated stretch of sea between the Cinque Terre and Portovenere, all that remains is to go back up (perhaps after sunbathing and taking a dip) along the same path, at least for the first part. If the descent from Campiglia to the Persico can take an hour, the climb is obviously more tiring and, if you don't want to sweat too much, slower.
As mentioned before, however, we also propose a detour to "Le Rosse", a path that can obviously be taken whild going uphill or downhill. Going up, this deviation is on the right, towards east, and it starts at the first house that is met above Persico beach.

The beginning is not obvious, it seems only the stone border of a terraced field, but then the trace is clear, and between vegetation and occasional cultivated fields, you get to see some unique panoramas.
The path from Campiglia to the Rosse and the Tramonti
The narrow coastal path from the Persico beach to the Rosse: the cliffs of Muzzerone and Palmaria and Tino islands begin to be glimpsed
The path to the Rosse and the Tramonti cliffs is narrower and more slippery than that for the Persico beach, therefore special attention must be paid. You come across some small houses, then, the view becomes wider: farther away we see the Tino island, then the cliffs of the island of Palmaria, then in all their grandeur the gray vertical walls of Muzzerone and the red cliffs of Tramonti.
Panorama from the path between Campiglia and Persico beach
A new panorama opens up as you approach the red cliffs of Tramonti

At one point, you can see a larger building, a farm: in fact, a private road descends along the other side of the hill. It is when you come into view of this building that the path is lost a bit between the rocks as you descend towards the sea.
Continuing to follow the tracks and always heading towards the sea and towards east (ie towards the Tramonti cliffs) you finally arrive to a rock that juts out into the sea, with a breathtaking view. It is a mini natural harbor, with two small boats resting on the rocks.
Panorama at Le Rosse, the Tramonti cliffs
Panorama from the rock in front of the Tramonti cliffs
From here, you can enjoy a view that few know... or, at least, that they only know by coming here from the sea. Instead, a path exists! It's not for everyone, but that makes it great too. Respect it with love, of course.
The return can take place on the same route. At one point, however, a path deviates upwards: you can also choose this one to rejoin the 528 stairway towards Campiglia..
Map of the paths between Riomaggiore and Portovenere, and from Campiglia
This Google Maps image may help localize the path:)
The route from Campiglia to the Persico and the Rosse with return to Campiglia is definitely not a long itinerary, although it can be tiring. The views, though ... truly unique! Have a good trip!
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